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DB Logistics In The Community

DB Logistics Inc (DBL) endeavors to contribute back to the community by giving support to local and nationwide organizations. DBL believes that success should be shared. By giving back to the community, we help improve living situations and provide a better future for families in need.

How Do We Give Back?

DBL contributes to Long Beach Neighborhood Foundation (LBNF). LBNF is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization committed to organizing and sponsoring athletic events and programs in Long Beach that promote community involvement, education, tolerance and a healthy, non-violent lifestyle, particularly among our city's at risk. LBNF has sponsored events such as the Long Beach Wrigley River Run and the Veteran One Mile Run.

DBL sponsors Long Beach Community Action Partnership (LBCAP). LBCAP is committed to providing dynamic pathways to self-sustainability for low income individuals and families through advocacy, education, and energy assistance.

Another foundation that DBL contributes and volunteers for is the Better Balance Foundation which endeavors to help families by holding events such as the Christmas Event every December in which the foundation collects donations from corporations such as Mattel for children of families in need.

Last but not least, DBL regularly contributes to feeding the homeless. The International Institute of Tolerance (IIT), holds a Feed the Homeless fundraiser every month to which DBL provides bottled water and services. The foundation feeds approximately 1,200 people each month.